Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get more information about upcoming movies and see pre-views?

I can recommend four websites: (click on movies on left side of screen),,,


2. Why does The Roxy only play one movie at a time?

Film company contracts require that the screen not be "shared" with another movie.  Sometimes when a film is a few weeks old exceptions can be made to this rule, so occasionally The Roxy will play two movies at a time.  We can only do this though when we have permission from the film companies.

3. What should I do if I think I lost something in the theatre?

If you think you have lost something, you can call the theatre manager at 217-460-0850. Or you can stop in
during show times. We open our doors 30 minutes prior to each movie starting and are usually in the building up to an hour after the movie ends. We will call the owner of say a purse or billfold if we are able to
locate a phone number. We keep found items for about two months and then move them on (clothing items are donated to charity). If you recognize your necklace on me, let me know and I'll give it back.


4. Why can't I bring in my own drinks or candy?

The Roxy, like all theatres, depends on concessions stand sales to survive. If not for the concession stand, we would be out of business. This is because the majority of your ticket money goes to the film company.  Since we are so dependent upon concession sales, we insist no outside food or drink be brought into the theatre.