The Roxy Theatre ran movies until November 6, 1966, when its final curtain fell on "Mary Poppins".  After the marquee was removed the building became home to several different businesses over the years. Then in 2003 a business man from Charleston approached the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce to see about opeing a drive-in theatre in Shelbyville.   Bob Boarman, Shelbyville business owner, offered to assist the Chamber in reopening the downtown theatre - an offer he had made three years prior. It was decided that refurbishing the old Roxy Theatre would be a better choice than a drive in because it would be available year round and would revitalize the downtown area. Mr. Boarman put up $100,000 of his own money to get the ball rolling to reopen the theatre and it was decided the theatre would be named the Boarman Roxy Theatre. So a group of interested business owners and towns people put in hundreds of volunteer hours to bring the theatre back to life.  Having only three months to bring the theatre back to life, the goal was met to reopen on the exact date the theatre closed. The first movie to be shown in the newly refurbished theatre was Mary Poppins on November 6, 2003, exactly 37 years after it closed.